Non Profit Quote for the State of Massachusetts

Enclosed is a quote for the State of Massachusetts. If you wish to order, please click on the link provided to start your incorporation process.

Massachusetts Service includes the following:

* $35.00 State Filing Fee
* $95.00 CorpDocuments Fee
* We prepare and file the required incorporation documents
* We check the availability of the company name with the State
* Articles of Incorporation
* Company Bylaws
* Company Minutes
* Company Membership Certificate
* Company Transfer Ledger
* Customer Support Service
* Banking Resolutions
* Company Personalized Linen Folder and dividers


Additional Suggested for your Massachusetts Non Profit

Obtain Federal Tax ID$40.00
Company Seal $25.00
Registered Agent Service $159.00 (Free for Florida 1 Year)
Indemnification $60.00
Company Kit $85.00
Prepare Federal 501(c)3 Application $495.00 Non-Profit
State 501(c)3 $80.00 Non-Profit
Solicitation Documents $190.00 + filing fee Non-Profit

CorpDocuments.com Expedited Services $150.00
Your Documents will be processed by the State in 3 Days.

NOTE: Regular filings are processed by the State on their regular basis. If you choose the regular basis service, the State will take approximately 30 Days to process your Documents.

Regular Shipping ( 3 to 5 Days) $17.95
Overnight Shipping Service $35.95

Grand Total


CorpDocuments, LLC is a document filing service company and CANNOT provide you with legal or financial advice.
Services and fees may change without notice.

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